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We will be delivering our fresh Coffee at the following events throughout the year:

  • Hervey Bay Netball
  • Maryborough Hockey
  • Hervey Bay Triathlons
  • Relay For Life - Maryborough/Bundaberg and Hervey Bay
  • Hervey Bay Pier Festival
  • Hervey Bay Touch Association
I donate 50 cents per cup to all sporting and charity events I attend.
Give me a call if you would like me to help your club or charity.
Coffee where you need it! Coffee when you need it!

Will The Caffeine Fix come to places other than businesses and workplaces?


The Caffeine Fix is happy to attend any special events which are planned including Sporting Events and Fixtures, Fetes, Carnivals, Concerts, Parties, Fundraisers, Festivals, Markets, Expos, Conferences, Meetings, Breakups, Birthdays, Weddings, actually any place where there is a group of people who want to drink coffee.  

So if instant coffee is just not your thing, or your lunch is at home on the bench, or you just don't feel like a tofu salad sandwich or of course you just NEED a Caffeine Fix to kick start your day, do not despair, The Caffeine Fix is coming to the rescue.

All you need to do is contact Robert on 0448 448 440 to discuss your needs.