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Coffee where you need it! Coffee when you need it!
"Coffee for me is like a religion, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, it is something that defines my day.  I could set a clock to my morning and afternoon Lattes, it JUS wouldn't be a beautiful day without my Caffeine Fix. JUS Koffie's Premium Blend has been meticulously created by me to brighten your day!  This Premium coffee is a well balanced medium to dark roasted blend that exhibits subtle earthy tones and fruity overtones. This blend was developed as an 'all day' style coffee; delicately balanced with good vibrancy, it's medium body and light to medium acidity helps make this an ideal coffee for all occasions. JUS perfect for a Caffeine Fix at any time of the day, you too will set your clock by it. JUS Koffies's premium blend draws it's flavour from the four great coffee producing countries of the world and all our coffee is rainforest alliance and roasted to order and therefore guaranteed to be JUS perfect."  Enjoy! Regards Mike